I hate email. I get hundreds of email a day. At work, email = work to be done. So, of course, I have created a natural aversion to the archaic form of communication. Whenever possible I prefer RSS/Atom, the Delicious for link, Digging, Remember The Milk, Joomla, or any other communication tool I can use instead of yet another email message with embedded content. Then I read a recent Subtraction post:

Subtraction: Email As a Bridge or a Wall

If there’s one skill we can count on in this medium where we can count on virtually nothing, it’s that people know how to send an email

What?!? Have we, as netizens, not evolve?

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Installed ScribeFire

July 15, 2008

One of the new features for WordPress 2.6 is a blog bookmarklet. I’ve been pretty elementary in blogging – simply using the web interface. But recently, I’ve wanted to post micro-blogs of content on-the-fly. Yet, I don’t believe WordPress.com has upgraded to the new version. While I wait the chance to use the bookmarklet, I am taking a chance on ScribeFire.

The interface seems simple enough provided you are using Firefox. This is my first post using it. I am not generally a fan of overhauling the browser to be a one-stop shop for applications. I should post about my opinions in the future concerning this thought. However, ScribeFire makes sense in my situation as I would like to blog more about what I read on the web.

Hopefully by the time WordPress 2.6 is deployed I’ll have an educated opinion and can decide which fits better.

I like Launchy 2.0 alot. But, I really want integration with my Outlook contacts. Ideally, I’d hit the Launchy shortcut, key in the person’s name, and get presented their phone information. Unfortunately this is not possible today. I checked with the other leading application launchers for Windows and none of them support this feature either. Outlook integration is limited to sending an email. I want to view their phone number.

Ingenuity prevails! For each contact I want access to I exported the vcard into a specific folder. Then I added the folder into Launchy’s catalog with the .vcf file extension. Now, Launchy will launch the vcf found when I search for a person by name. This works fine except any updates to the contact in Outlook require a re-export of the vcf for Launchy. Synchronization is manual as is the exporting. Not the ideal situation, but unless I want to build my own plugin I’ll settle.

In another recent video: Microsoft is announcing the Microsoft Surface will begin shipping in April to select partners. The long awaited, multi-touch followup to the early 1980’s sit down Ms Pac-Man pizza tabletop will be a focus for the AT&T stores. For business partners the new device is being positioned as a reinvention of the POS. Set a new phone on the table top and the Surface will walk the customer thru an wireless account activation. You can even chose compatible rate plans and feature based on the device.

For general consumers, we get a new Photo Album. WOW!!! I can see my pictures. I can resize them. I can drag them around like actual….pictures. Why the hell would I want to spend $10g on a table to show me my pictures. Yeah, it’s wireless. BUT COME ON! With the amount of mola Microsoft spent on R&D for a computer under the table you think they might have figured out home users might have some other purpose besides sifting photos. Oh I know…how about browsing the internet or reading email. BORING!

Microsoft is not the only company to blame for myopic uses of innovative technology. I bought an AppleTV. Although, I dig it from a cool-ness factor. I already have a Netflix account giving me movies at a better price point. Listening to my music and looking at photos on a TV is a great start. But can anyone think of something more useful for a home user that does not involve photos, video, music, and browsing the internet!

Bring back the ThinkDifferent billboards, please