Monsters, Inc Trivia

September 17, 2008

I recently watched Monsters,Inc. with the kids yet again. The movie remains one of my favorite Pixar movies. This time I unexpectedly recognized the name of the restaurant where Mike firsts sees Boo: Harryhausen’s Sushi Bar. Hidden behind the humor of an Octupus serving fish, it’s not a hard (literal) stretch to connect Ray Harryhausen, the stop motion extraordinaire, to the Pixar animators. I love little inside movie references. It makes watching the film more than once worthwhile.



May 29, 2008

The movie was pretty blah for me personally. Typical Academy candidate quality as of late. In fact, I’d probably would have rather watched An English Patient again than see Keira Knightley in yet another period piece. However, what is interesting is obvious, yet deceptive, play on the definition of atonement. The movie ends with the author’s definition. As a movie watcher, I experience the definition rather being explicitly told in black-and-white text.

I wonder if I could so exactly express a moment/experience/situation as a model definition.

2007 Review in Movies

January 4, 2008

This year I followed Mr. Kevin Smith and kept a log of all the movies I watched. My handy dandy USB drive is filled with a chronological record of every movie I saw this year. So, here are some interesting personal stats.

Total Nbr of Movies Watched: 117

Movie Watched Multiple Times: 14

Seen at the Cinema: 25

Highest Rated: Intacto (9), The Bicycle Thief (9), Casino Royale (9), Raiders of the Lost Ark (10)

Highest Rated, Released this Year: The Lives of Others (8), 3:10 to Yuma (8), Bourne Ultimatum (8), 28 Weeks Later (8), 300 (8), Little Miss Sunshine (8)

Biggest Waste of Time: Shortbus (1), The Quiet (2), Battle Royale (2), La Belle Captive (2)

Best Subtitles I Had to Read: The Lives of Others (8), Intacto (9)

Best Car Chase: Children of Men (8)

Favorite Comedy: Knocked Up (7)

Most Underwhelming: The Deer Hunter (3)

Most Engaging: Little Children (7)

Guy I wish I Could Be: Jason Bourne

Girl I Wish I Could…Date: Eva Green in Casino Royale

Best Sex Scene with a Fire Arm: Shoot’em Up

Best Sex Scene without a firefight: Gina Gershend & Jennifer Tily in Bound

Best Action Film with a Carrot: Shoot’em Up

The Complete List: Movies Watched 2007

Here’s to Next Year!

You like Jessica Biel?

March 29, 2007

Watch the trailer for the upcoming movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”. Keep watching all the way to the end. Thank God for HD!