Programming a Tree Fort: CONSTRUCTION COMPLETE!

June 11, 2008

I was shy of the year anniversary of construction by a few months. Whew! The tree fort, which resembles more of a playhouse, turned out exactly as envisioned. And, I learned software engineering and house construction have some similarities and some distinct differences. In the last few work sessions I experienced the most valuable similarity between the two disciplines: hire an expert!

In a recent post concerning Java One, I discussed Ben Galbraith’s rule of hiring a designer. In the actual construction of the fort, his sediment echoed loudly. I grossly underestimated the need for experienced help. Actually, I underestimated the importance of a square and over estimated my ability to carry 8ft sheets of plywood and lift them 6 ft above me. But even more importantly, I am a total n00b with working with wood. Luckily this is not a family trait.

My father drove all the way from Savannah two weekends in a row to help me erect and complete this pet project. Since he’s done similar construction projects in the past, he knew all of obstacles to avoid. He, also, knew what needed to be planned and what could be fudged. Most of my time in the past had spent deliberating on the “right” way to proceed. Dad was a constant momentum forward. Having an experienced person is invaluable.

Below are pictures of the project. The fort is primed and ready for painting and the finer finishing.


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