Exposing Outlook Contacts to Launchy

May 22, 2008

I like Launchy 2.0 alot. But, I really want integration with my Outlook contacts. Ideally, I’d hit the Launchy shortcut, key in the person’s name, and get presented their phone information. Unfortunately this is not possible today. I checked with the other leading application launchers for Windows and none of them support this feature either. Outlook integration is limited to sending an email. I want to view their phone number.

Ingenuity prevails! For each contact I want access to I exported the vcard into a specific folder. Then I added the folder into Launchy’s catalog with the .vcf file extension. Now, Launchy will launch the vcf found when I search for a person by name. This works fine except any updates to the contact in Outlook require a re-export of the vcf for Launchy. Synchronization is manual as is the exporting. Not the ideal situation, but unless I want to build my own plugin I’ll settle.


4 Responses to “Exposing Outlook Contacts to Launchy”

  1. chantel said

    Nice try. That’s what I am searching for.

  2. Juan said

    Great! Thanks a lot for this idea.

  3. janosch said

    cool solution, i simply marked all my contacts, forwarded to my own email-adress, and saved then all attachments from this email to the desired folder.

  4. geniium said

    Anything new about this feature? Looking forward into it!

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