Corporate Police block Digg

May 16, 2008

MERRY FRAK’IN CHRISTMAS!! I came back from JavaOne Conference in San Francisco to the cold hearted world of big corporation mentality. Digg is dead! The corporate police have blocked the site tagging it as a social/dating site. Great now I guess I have to get some real work done (read with an Eyeore voice).

I wish I could make a valid argument to access the site; but truth be told, the site is mostly a waste of time from a company perspective. I do get an indirect benefit of a temporary distraction to relax. But, I am not getting paid to relax. Am I?

I guess I am just a little disappointed. Our company is becoming more and more aggressive about access to external web sites. Not sure how much longer until WordPress is blocked as well.


The world is better. I can now safely access Digg from the comfort of my home: work. The network admin/gods were kind and changed it back. Or, perhaps they went postal and killed all of the security guys. I really don’t care as long as I can live with Digg again.


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