Day One at JavaOne 2008

May 9, 2008

JavaOne 2008 is different. It’s different from the last time I was here in many ways. First, I am not alone. AT&T has around twelve employees attending sessions. We are also accompanied by Sun sales and technical staff. With a large group we tend to have a different agenda than the individual goals I had back in 2004. Day One at JavaOne 2008 was more a intellectual social event.

AT&T is a Java Licensee. As such we get free cookies and drinks in the Pavillion. Cushy chairs are available to relax after our long walks around the Pavillion vendor stands. The vendors are in full force. AT&T even has a both promoting a device development framework. The booths are great for getting quick information on upcoming products. Sun is pimping GlassFish wholeheartedly. JBoss was present. As where booth babes. Although the dress attire is more business casually than gamer slutty as you expect at GamerCon.

I only attended two sessions today. I was having a fierce allergy attack and the time change was catching up on me. The JRuby discussion was very introductory. In fact, I did not learn anything except the agendas of the following sessions where they plan to cover actual technical information. The second session concerned Ajax use. This, too, was a introductory course with nothing eventful to report.

The pinnacle of the day was a private session with James Gosling. Myself and five other AT&T members had the honour to meet with him for a half hour or so in private. Since I just saw him at our location only a few months ago I did not have many questions to ask. But, as a true geek, Gosling gave us his own opinions on JavaFX demo failures, AppleTV, and what is wrong with AT&T mobile service. I’ll refrain from quotes or paraphrasing as I did not take notes. But, his opinions remain inline with statements he’s made in other trade magazines. With the exception: the JavaFX demo failure was due to network issues. They had thought to cache the flickr images but opt’d for a live demostration.


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