The JavaOne 2008 Key Note

May 7, 2008

The Sun team puts on a great presentation. When you walk into the keynote presentation, it’s unexpected. Multiple displays show all aspects of the dance team on stage. Obviously, Java + You = Dance troop. The room is filled with all 1000+ participants awaiting the next big announcement from Sun.

Unfortunately, the big moment never comes. The big hype this year is the pervasiveness of Java (which was the same in 2004) and JavaFX. JavaFX is Sun’s big push into the rich internet applications since the applet fiasco. Yet, my first impression from the failed demonstrations in front of thousands is applets and JavaFX face the same problems. Sun has built impressive video and audio capabilities into the framework. Yet forgot the first tenant of networking: the network is unpredictable. The demo gods were awful. Their demo app failed three times and had to be restarted.

Although the presentation was hindered, the technology was interesting. The app running within the browser was dragged to the desktop without a restart. Java showed the performance of JavaFX by launching 100+ HD video streams rotating in a 3d sphere. Impressive, but not necessarily practical. Hopefully this week, I’ll find out more on the possible uses in an enterprise environment.


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