JavaOne 2008: Day 0

May 5, 2008

Entrance to the JavaOne Conference

Finally made it back. Sun was extraordinary nice to me this year and offered a VIP pass to attend JavaOne 2008. And, AT&T helped pay the way as well. I am a fortunate person to work for and with gracious companies.

I arrived late yesterday evening so I could attend some of the pre-conference events. Entering the registration hall I was reminded of the electrical excitement. Everyone, from the presentors to the attendees, are full of developer jeer. It’s like a insulin shot of enthusiam.

Most of the day I spent walking around the Pavillion getting an early look at the booths. The App vendors are in full force. They are ready to offer a complete hosting environment scalable and chargeable based on my dynamic needs. What works for Amazon and Google is a business model for the masses. I admit my interest is peeked for a personal pursuit. How cheap is it for a Joe Schmoe like me to externally host an application. Right now I run my movie website for less than a $100 a year. But what about a more professional application? Is the cost within grasp of a garage-band of developers? I plan to talk with them more this week.

The conference is already set up to hand out a bunch of swag. I got a nice new backpack. Several tshirts. Some green putty. I did, however, opt not to vomit inside a giant bubble ball. Looks like fun. But, I’ll keep to the free games of Asteriods and Xbox 360 games.

Well, I am all set for training to kick off tomorrow. My new MacBook Pro is loaded with goods. I installed a new version of Evernote to try out as my note taking app. And, a new Canon camera for taking some snapshots. San Francisco is an awesome and diverse city. Hopefully, I’ll get to see a lot of it this week.


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