My New Canon: Powershot SD870 IS

April 9, 2008

First Picture with new Camera

I purchased a new camera and it finally arrived today. Very excited! The Canon Powershot SD 870 IS is a point shoot camera small enough to fit in a coat pocket, but large enough to not feel like a Fischer Price toy. The camera is solid and well designed. The real selling point for me was the large display. The 870 has a 3″ view screen and is exceptionally bright in all light conditions. I elected to save myself $130 and go with the 870 instead of the newer 890 as I wanted the bigger screen. The 870 is a 8 megapixel camera. The 890 is 10 megapixel. But I am not planning to develop any posterboard prints. For the amateur photographer i.e. Family Man, the SD 870 is perfect!


5 Responses to “My New Canon: Powershot SD870 IS”

  1. Steven said

    I bought one last Christmas and Love it It took great photo. The wide angle len give me great result taking staging photo.

  2. Yes, the wide angle was a major selling point.

  3. Yes, the wide angle was a major selling point.

  4. Wes said

    just bought one so i am excited to see how it works. i do a lot of landscape photography as i am a landscape architecture and planning student

  5. It has been the gram thanking very much.

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