Microsoft Surface: The Only Photo Album You’ll Ever Need

April 4, 2008

In another recent video: Microsoft is announcing the Microsoft Surface will begin shipping in April to select partners. The long awaited, multi-touch followup to the early 1980’s sit down Ms Pac-Man pizza tabletop will be a focus for the AT&T stores. For business partners the new device is being positioned as a reinvention of the POS. Set a new phone on the table top and the Surface will walk the customer thru an wireless account activation. You can even chose compatible rate plans and feature based on the device.

For general consumers, we get a new Photo Album. WOW!!! I can see my pictures. I can resize them. I can drag them around like actual….pictures. Why the hell would I want to spend $10g on a table to show me my pictures. Yeah, it’s wireless. BUT COME ON! With the amount of mola Microsoft spent on R&D for a computer under the table you think they might have figured out home users might have some other purpose besides sifting photos. Oh I know…how about browsing the internet or reading email. BORING!

Microsoft is not the only company to blame for myopic uses of innovative technology. I bought an AppleTV. Although, I dig it from a cool-ness factor. I already have a Netflix account giving me movies at a better price point. Listening to my music and looking at photos on a TV is a great start. But can anyone think of something more useful for a home user that does not involve photos, video, music, and browsing the internet!

Bring back the ThinkDifferent billboards, please


2 Responses to “Microsoft Surface: The Only Photo Album You’ll Ever Need”

  1. JB said

    No one said that the only consumer application will be viewing pictures. What kind of applications would you want to see on it? The device was originally thought of as a gaming device. Also, by the time it is ready for consumers to buy it directly (est. 2011), it will be much less than $10k. Microsoft is not dumb enough to market a $10k device at consumers — that’s why they’re focusing on the current business markets.

  2. 2011 is a long time away. We should have flying cars and robot slave women by then. But your point on the price is valid. Dropping to sub $2,000 is an attractive range.

    What applications would I want on this device? Texas Hold’em Utlimate Challenge, home edition! Or maybe (and this is to my post’s original point), Microsoft/Apple with their vast money and pool of PhDs can figure out the next great app to go with the next great device. Personally, it’s not enough for a company to give me the next best RSS reader. I want to see innovation in software. A new way to show you phone specs and display matched offerings to a phone lying on the table is great. It’s new.

    But what about the home user?

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