CouchDB is now IBM CouchDB

January 10, 2008

I’ve been checking periodically on updates to the CouchDB project. Recent news: IBM has employed Damien Katz to work full time on his personal project. Awesome! I am very jealous. 1) Damien has a personal & productive endevaor. 2) He is now getting paid to work on something he created in his leisure time. Fantastic! Wish I could be so lucky.

Anyway, CouchDB is coming on strong with support from Sam Ruby and others. A document-oriented database is extremely interesting. Plus, CouchDB is built using a rising star, Erlang.

Perhaps I could create a MyCouchDBAdmin app for them. Seems natural to need a generic administration client for a database. The APIs are very accessible. Now, just to find some time and then perhaps I too can work for IBM. Ha!


One Response to “CouchDB is now IBM CouchDB”

  1. Jan said

    Christopher Lenz already made one and it is bundled with CouchDB. It is based on jQuery and is extremely slick. Yet far from being complete, so if you like, jump on and help out 🙂


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