Launchy 2.0 available

January 9, 2008

I just upgraded my version of Launchy. I am impressed! There are only a few Mac applications I desperately try to find for Windows: Quicksilver, TextMate, and Transmission. Launchy is the next best thing to Quicksilver.

Launchy is an application launcher. Instead of hunting for an application in your start bar, a user can hit alt+space and then type the first few characters of the application name. Launchy will list the closest match. Once found you can hit enter and immediately launch the application. Launchy 2.0 builds upon the previous version. You can now type IMDB hit tab and type in a movie title. Launchy will launch IE, go to IMDB, and perform the search. This saves me so much time. Launchy also indexes bookmarks. Although, I desperately would like a plugin.

If you never tried an application launcher, give it a whirl.


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