2007 Review in Movies

January 4, 2008

This year I followed Mr. Kevin Smith and kept a log of all the movies I watched. My handy dandy USB drive is filled with a chronological record of every movie I saw this year. So, here are some interesting personal stats.

Total Nbr of Movies Watched: 117

Movie Watched Multiple Times: 14

Seen at the Cinema: 25

Highest Rated: Intacto (9), The Bicycle Thief (9), Casino Royale (9), Raiders of the Lost Ark (10)

Highest Rated, Released this Year: The Lives of Others (8), 3:10 to Yuma (8), Bourne Ultimatum (8), 28 Weeks Later (8), 300 (8), Little Miss Sunshine (8)

Biggest Waste of Time: Shortbus (1), The Quiet (2), Battle Royale (2), La Belle Captive (2)

Best Subtitles I Had to Read: The Lives of Others (8), Intacto (9)

Best Car Chase: Children of Men (8)

Favorite Comedy: Knocked Up (7)

Most Underwhelming: The Deer Hunter (3)

Most Engaging: Little Children (7)

Guy I wish I Could Be: Jason Bourne

Girl I Wish I Could…Date: Eva Green in Casino Royale

Best Sex Scene with a Fire Arm: Shoot’em Up

Best Sex Scene without a firefight: Gina Gershend & Jennifer Tily in Bound

Best Action Film with a Carrot: Shoot’em Up

The Complete List: Movies Watched 2007

Here’s to Next Year!


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