Programming a Tree Fort: Day 2

August 28, 2007

I finished late last night again and was too behind on normal house work to post. The slow start continued today as well. Since I had to work much of the day the plan was to finish cementing the posts. A quick jaunt up to Tractor Supply and I would be good to go.

Not exactly. I made it to the store and back. Unloaded the bags and wheeled them down our hill to the back part of the yard where the villa is being erected. During the mixing process I noticied the quickcrete was not hardening as well as the mix from Home Depot. I checked the instructions on the bag. No instructions. Weird. Usually they tell you how much water to mix and such. Nothing.

Upon further inspection, the mix I had was Quickcrete All Purpose Sand! Ugh! I checked my receipt and I reassured myself that I did tell the sales clerk I wanted concrete. Yep. They gave me sand instead. 4 bags of sand go down a hill fine, but up hill is an event in the Strongest Man competition. My legs are still sore today.

Anyway, I drive back to the store, where they were very apologetic, get the right mix and head back home. Down the hill. Turn the outside lights on. Mix and pour. We made it through a post and a quarter before I could not see the hose in front of me.

Another day of slow progress is gone. And, today school functions and rain have made it impossible to finish it up. A day at rest I guess.


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