Eating My Own Dog Food

June 1, 2007

Critical-acclaim is set for it’s first anniversary. And, while it’s popularity is not anywhere near what I would like, I feel it has been both a success and a failure.

A success in the sense of actually delivering my first public website. I’ve learned a great bit on how the platform or the tool does not make a site a success. Ingenuity and determination are the keys to achieve a quality application.

My failings, however, are the true inspirations. One of them in particular has the unique taste of irony. In several previous posts, I’ve often commented on how the pendulum is beginning to swing back towards design over functionality. Users are done with simplicity (curtailed by Google’s philosophy of “good enough” applications) and desire more style (ala Apple).

So looking at my wonderful site of movie news, I wonder what have I achieved. My goal was to mimic with movie news. Congratulations. Yet, the site has no design inspiration. It’s a list of links. Handy but hardly note worthy.

Where to go from here? I can either ditch the whole thing. Look onwards. Or, I can break the mold and learn a new, better way to aggregate and augment movie information.


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