In Search for a tool for the Enterprise Notes

April 23, 2007

I want to grease the communication wheels within my team at work. I have a team of 15 analysts responsible for knowing anything and everything concerning our retail applications. Our problem, as I see it, is we have knowledge silos. All of the team members are subject matter experts but they are all different conference calls and have little time to share information.

I’d like to increase knowledge sharing by offering a team tool that supports

  • easily creating and editing small amounts of text
  • organization via tags
  • embedded linking to other notes and external resources
  • aggregation of links based on entry time, user, or tag
  • offline entry
  • discussions

Now, I’ve used WordPress for making some notes on discussions and podcasts in the past. This works well for my own personal needs. But, is a general purpose blog best suited for creating and sharing technical notes. Or, is there a more specialized tool similar to stikkit that provides contextual value.

Any ideas?


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