Good-bye Swing?

April 17, 2007

EverythingFlex has a thought provoking blurb about the alpha release of Artemis. At first glance I dismissed the announcement, but the quick statement of using Apollo to replace Swing was a great daydream. Could Apollo with Artemis allow Java developers to build better desktop apps?

Of course the Java zealots will immediately point out that they already do; case in point Eclipse (via SWT) and the TIBCO product tools as well. But from a general consumer perspective, are there any prevalent Swing apps worth noticing much less championing. None come to mind.

So, back to my original distraction: could Apollo to provide equal face value to Java desktop apps as what is expected from Flex/Apollo on web applications? I eagerly await the hype to subside into practical results.


2 Responses to “Good-bye Swing?”

  1. Although swing is very user friendly, I wouldn’t say it is very attractive. Apollo could put a very nice face on traditional Java apps.

  2. Swing or swt is attractive to a java developer as an alternative to what was available before. QT is nice, but for both, there’s no comparison when it comes to Flex, like you say.

    We’re hoping Apollo with Artemis can put a face on *all* Java apps.

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