The Flawed Principle of Gym Memberships

February 15, 2007

I have a Typepad account. Purchased and paid for monthly. My thought, at the time, was similar to the Principle of a gym membership – “The act of paying for it will make me more likely to do it”.

Wrong! It didn’t. Weeks would go by and I did not blog. I had nothing to say. No inspiration. No comment to make. Yet, I kept paying for no one to read the absent articles I wrote.

The other day, listening to Sherly Crow and actual writing a post on Typepad, I had an epiphany. Try it out for free. Stop wasting money (albeit, not that much). And, write for free.

So, here I am. A proud owner of a WordPress account. Crusing for free. Living the dream.

I cannot wait until I have something to write!


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